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As I left off the last blog post, I was informing you dear reader about the events that took me completely out of my former practice and into offering my services to a completely new industry. I know you may be wondering, how does a lawyer fit into the commercial roofing industry? And admittedly, I was asking myself the same question at first. It wasn’t until I started to learn the ins and outs of code violations, bylaws and all sorts of other legal jargon that goes into the process that I truly started to understand my place in the gran scheme of things.

Roofers would get calls, have contracts drawn up, I would review the contracts, ensure that everything was ok and then they would move on to the next step of their service. It was a simple part of the machine, but one that I took pride in being. Through the commercial roofing service we managed to assist business owners of all types get their business back on the ground, and to get a roof back over their heads. When you hear commercial roofing, it may be easy to think of large corporate building with millions of dollars to spare, but often these were smaller business owned by single people trying to make ends meet with their own business ventures.

Having the capability to assist these types of people, even in the smallest of ways made me feel really good about my part in the entire situation. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, there were hundreds of these businesses across New York and New Jersey that needed assistance. I wound up being there for an ever extended stay, and my practice back home being ignored. I eventually took my bar in those states in order to be able to bring a more credible legal council and eventually closed my former business altogether. I moved up my receptionist so she could keep her job. Fortunately she lived on her own and had no family to worry about uprooting, so it was a pretty seamless transition for her too.

We set to work bringing our service to the commercial roofing businesses here, and found a set of about a half dozen that I truly enjoyed working with. They were some of the bigger businesses in the area and therefore had the most workload on their plates that needed assistance. I buckled down and got to work for these companies, and soon enough contract after contract was coming onto my desk and making its way right back to the roofing companies to get started on their jobs. It was a highly efficient machine that helped to get even more work done across the region and help that many more business owners. It has been a few years since that initial blitz, but I still find myself with more than enough work to keep me busy, and helping one business at a time get the work they need done to provide their services.

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